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What I


Audiobook Editing

Are you looking for a professional audiobook editor who can deliver high-quality work that meets ACX standards? Look no further! I have extensive experience in editing audiobooks and can ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard. Let's work together to create an exceptional listening experience for your audience.


Dialogue Editing

With experience in theatrical sound design, I started working on audio dramas in 2009, recording and then editing plays performed to a live audience. Over time I have gained skills in many aspects of recorded spoken word.



I've amassed quite a bit of teaching experience over the years.  I started assisting with classes when I was Live Sound Course Co-ordinator at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in 2011, which progressed into teaching venue specific signal flow and a few different mixing consoles.  In 2014 I went on to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)  where I spent a year and a half as Head of Sound, during which time I taught sound to the technical students as well as running the department. 

I have been very lucky in being asked to teach in multiple drama schools over the years.  I've loved teaching acting students how to make workable remote recording spaces in their homes - skills that they can carry with them far beyond a lockdown. 

Since the pandemic, I have coached actors (and non-actors) to record to a high quality in their own homes.  I also mentor people who are learning and improving their abilities in audio drama and audiobook production.


Audiobook Production

As an audiobook producer, I understand the importance of correct pronunciation and adapting the book to audio purposes. With my expertise, I can help bring your book to life in a way that engages and captivates your listeners. Let's work together to create an unforgettable listening experience.


Stage Management

As a seasoned stage manager, I have had the pleasure of managing small scale festivals in the Caribbean and at venues in the UK. With my expertise, I can ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently, leaving you free to enjoy the show. Let's work together to make your event a success!



Many years of working in live events has given me a wealth of experience in all aspects of putting on a show.  As an organised and practical person, I enjoy working on the logistical sides of event organisation.  I love being part of a team, but am also happy to work alone to make calls and site visits or to drive the band or the equipment to where they need to be.  I prioritise making sure that everything is well communicated in advance and producing the best paperwork for the task.  I am happy to drive any vehicle that my licence allows so I can jump behind the wheel of minibuses up to 18 seats and trucks up to 13.5T. 

Tshari is just such a joy to work with, both in the studio and in post-production.  Always extremely well prepared and brilliantly thorough, patient (!) and with exceptional attention to detail.  Having worked with her for well over ten years, I can confidently say that she's right at the top of her game!

David Beck - Director, "Moby Dick" Wireless Theatre Company

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