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Hi, I'm Tshari King

Born in Bristol, UK, I was raised with a mixture of city life vs small island vibes as I spent as much time as I could in Anguilla, British West Indies where my father lived and worked at my grandparents hotel. 

After gaining a DipHE in Technical Theatre and Stage Management at LAMDA in 2005, I went on to work in a variety of theatre spaces in various roles.  Realising that my true love was sound, I went on to gain diplomas in Studio Sound and Music Production and Live Sound Engineering at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in 2009.  That catapulted me into the world of live sound, where I have been hanging out ever since!  I love all kinds of live events and get a real sense of joy when I am part of a team putting on a show.  I have been fortunate enough to work in the UK and Europe as well as in parts of the Caribbean, working on small islands to put on big events.  Alongside the rock 'n' roll life, my love of spoken word has led me from working on live-audience radio dramas to being in the studio, recording, editing and sound designing podcasts, audiobooks and audio dramas.

In my spare time, when I'm not dancing (salsa, kizomba, cumbia), I can be found studying short courses, trying to improve my Spanish, or sewing/crafting.


Stage Crew


Stage Manager



Sound Consultant

Audio Edit

Dialogue Edit

Sound Engineer

Sound Recordist

Audiobook Producer

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